Durant on fifth ejection: I deserved it

Kevin Durant admitted he was in the wrong when he was ejected for the fifth time this season in the Golden State Warriors' 116-107 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday.

Durant was given his 13th and 14th technical fouls of the season one right after the other as he yelled obscenities at Maddox after a no-call in the second quarter.

"I deserved that ejection," he told ESPN. "He did the right thing."

The 29-year-old was ejected just once through the first 10 seasons of his career, but he just cannot seem to stay on the court this year.

He had an explanation for that too. He realised after winning his first title that nothing changes and he has to keep working and winning because that is his job.

"What we did as a team was special, and I want to experience that again," Durant said.

"My love and passion for the game has [blossomed] because I understand that's what it's all about, and I'm pouring all of this [newfound thirst] into this game. But I know I have to keep [my fire] under control, and I will."

Durant is just two technical fouls away from getting fined by the NBA, but he is not too worried about that, he just wants to win another title.

"I used to care about the game and the lifestyle," he told ESPN.

"Now, all I care about is my love for the game, the pureness of the game. This is me."

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