Winter Olympics 2018: Tweeting the solution to Kim's 'theme park' boredom

Chloe Kim, the United States' golden girl in Pyeongchang, says using social media helped her to relax between runs in the Winter Olympics halfpipe final, comparing the experience to waiting for her parents to take her to a theme park.

The 17-year-old's first run earned her 93.75 points and was already enough to beat China's Liu Jiayu, who recorded a best score of 89.75 with her second attempt.

Kim then put on a stunning exhibition in her third run, racking up a huge 98.25.

She had spent the gap between appearances tweeting about a sandwich left half eaten for breakfast.

The teenager's casual approach to starring on the big stage has caught the imagination.

Appearing at a news conference after the comprehensive triumph, Kim explained that scrolling through Twitter was a smart strategy to help her relax.

She said: "I think watching the contest [makes you] more nervous and more anxious because you're just waiting there. 

"It's like when you're supposed to be going to the theme park and your parents are taking forever to get ready and you're just waiting there. 

"What are you supposed to do with yourself? So I was just on social media and I just tweeted my feelings."

Chloe's father Jong Jin Kim is also getting his share of the attention after holding up a sign displaying the hand-written message 'Go Chloe!' in Pyeongchang, leaving the star of the show with an unlikely rival for the spotlight.

She said: "My dad's always like 'Chloe, I'm a celebrity now. I need a bodyguard.'

"So the sign was actually made by a lot of kids and staff members from Mountain High which is the mountain I first started snowboarding at.

"So my dad held it up for them to see and for them to know that we're thinking of them and we really appreciate the sign.

"My dad always likes a couple of drinks, cracking a cold one with the boys. 

"He was actually just drinking the beer while walking down with me, and my publicist was like 'Jong, you can't do that, put it down, give me the cup.' But he was like 'why? I can have a beer'. 

"He's a free spirit."

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