Ertz: I never doubted Super Bowl TD would stand

Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz never doubted his game-winning Super Bowl LII touchdown against the New England Patriots would stand.

With just over two minutes left in Minneapolis on Sunday, Ertz caught a Nick Foles pass before running towards the end zone and leaping in.

However, he appeared to lose control of the ball, which popped out before he caught it again, but the decision to award the TD stood to give the Eagles a 38-33 lead.

Ertz, whose team won their first Super Bowl with a 41-33 victory, said he knew the TD would be awarded.

"Not at all," he told NBC when asked if he had any doubt about his TD.

"If they were to overturn that, I don't know what would've happened to the city of Philadelphia.

"But I'm so glad they didn't overturn it."

Ertz added: "This team, it's amazing. Each and every day we go out there, we love to practice and I think that's the foundation of this team.

"And wow, what a run it's been."

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