Lawes hungry for Six Nations after bulking up on McDonald's

A diet of "McDonald's and club sandwiches" may not sound like ideal preparation for the Six Nations, but Courtney Lawes hopes the odd eating regime will put him in prime shape to help England win a third straight title.

The 61-cap lock has emerged as a key figure under Eddie Jones and he has only been on the losing side for England once in 21 games since the start of 2016.

Jones has suggested that the in-form Lawes could be switched to flanker when England begin their Six Nations campaign against Italy on Sunday, having praised the upturn in the Northampton Saint's consistency over the past few years.

England's coach put that partly down to bulking up his "basketball player" frame by gorging on high-calorie food and Lawes himself says Jones has played a key role in his development.

"I've dug in and I've given everything I can for these last couple years," Lawes said.

"It only makes me hungrier to go on and see how far I can push myself and how good a player I can become.

"Luckily I've been able to stay fit and when Eddie took charge he challenged me to become a better player. I took on the challenge and I'm on my way.

"Before I was more unaware rather than coasting. Sometimes you need a kick up the bum to make you realise you're wasting your potential in certain ways.

"I'm competitive, I want to be in the team, and Eddie made it clear that if I don't improve I won't be. So I had to go and get better. 

"Now I'm by far the fittest I've ever been as a player, no matter what weight I've been. I can definitely run further and get up quicker.

"It gives you great confidence knowing that you don't have to pace yourself. You can go flat out from word go and come the last 20 you'll still have a lot left in the tank to give."

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