When star leaves, he gets labelled a snake - LeBron highlights double standards

LeBron James bemoaned the unfair narratives surrounding trades and free agency as he highlighted the double standards players deal with in the NBA after Blake Griffin was traded to the Detroit Pistons by the Los Angeles Clippers.

Star forward Griffin, 28, was stunned when he was dealt to the Pistons Monday, having been drafted with the number one pick by the Clippers in 2009.

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar and three-time NBA champion James is no stranger to moving around in the league after leaving Ohio for the Miami Heat in 2010 before returning in 2014.

James - speaking prior to Cleveland's 125-114 loss to the Pistons - shared his thoughts on the harsh criticism players receive when they choose to leave a franchise, compared to when teams opt to trade away.

"He spent his last nine years there," James said Tuesday. "He signed a multi-year deal there this summer, so that's unfortunate. But that's the business side of it. It's both sides. It works both sides, though. It's the business."

James added: "When a player gets traded, it's they were doing what's best for the franchise. But when a player decides to leave, it's, 'He's not loyal. He's a snake. He's not committed.'

"It's just, that's the narrative of how it goes. So I'm definitely [aware]. I know that firsthand."

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