Wallaby saves wallaby: Farr-Jones in Sydney Harbour Bridge rescue mission

Former Australia captain Nick Farr-Jones showed his commitment to the Wallabies in "unprecedented" fashion on Tuesday.

The retired scrum-half was on his way to work when he spotted police, who were trying to catch a wallaby taking a hop on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Farr-Jones offered to help and played a part in capturing the elusive marsupial.

"The police were trying to capture it as you would on the bridge, and they were having trouble so I just did my best to help them," he told Sydney radio station 2GB.111

"It's unprecedented trying to grab a hold of a kangaroo on the Harbour Bridge.

"[There was] a bit of chaos, but when you realised it was a wallaby it was really unusual."

The wallaby was taken to Taronga Zoo after being caught and was found not have suffered any significant injuries.

Farr-Jones, meanwhile, must have had a spring in his step after the unexpected and rewarding interruption to his daily commute.

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