Thomas tried to force his way into Cavs lineup

Isaiah Thomas is sick and tired of sitting on the bench as he revealed he tried to force his way into the lineup on Wednesday, but the Cleveland Cavaliers' medical staff was having none of it.

The former Boston Celtics star has not played a game yet this season while recovering from a hip injury, but he has started playing scrimmages with the Cavaliers warming up with the team prior to games.

He is close to returning, but Cleveland do not want to rush him back and get him hurt again despite how much they want to see him on the court.

"I tried it in Sac and they shut me down and I was upset about it, but I mean, they're looking out for what's best," Thomas told reporters Friday, via ESPN.

"Not just for this team but for myself and not just this season, but my career. So I can't thank them enough for putting me in that position."

Thomas could make his return as soon as Tuesday, but considering the fact Cavs' trainer George Sibel joked about sitting him until April to make sure he is fully healthy for his return, it is possible his debut could be later.

"He's very close," coach Tyronn Lue said. "I understand how it feels to want to play and the medical staff is saying he just needs a little bit more time. He has to be patient, I have to be patient, the players have to be patient. After seeing him today, they were excited. But they've got to be patient and stay the course. His time is coming soon."

Cleveland play Boston on Wednesday in primetime and Thomas would love to make it back for that one, but he also said he would not want to play in the game if he was not 100 per cent.

"If I'm able to play, like, it's going to be a really special game for me," Thomas said.

"It's going to be probably emotional because I just gave my heart to that city and they showed genuine love back. And that's how we feel about each other. So if I am able to play that game, it will be good."

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