Jockey Turner banned for betting breaches

Jockey Hayley Turner has been suspended from riding for three months after breaching betting rules.

Turner, Britain's most successful female flat racing jockey, placed 164 bets over an 18-month period following her retirement in 2015, making an overall profit of £160

The 34-year-old retained her licence after quitting, so was in breach of British Horseracing Authority regulations when placing her bets.

Turner, who rode in invitational events after retiring and has returned to the saddle more frequently in France, said: "I've put my hands up from the word go,

"When I was actively riding, in my head I would never have a bet. I've respected the rules for 15 years I've been riding.

"But when I'm doing media and I'm retired, in my head I'm not a jockey and so it's okay to have a bet. They were small bets, £5 here and a tenner there and nothing serious.

"I've never had a bet on my own horse or in a race in which I'm riding. Near the time when I'm riding as soon as I knew I was riding that was it.

"I clearly did break the rules, but I've spent my whole adult life putting into the sport more than I should have done. It's just a bitter pill to swallow."

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