McGregor will 'blow through boxing money' instead of UFC return, claims Woodley

Conor McGregor will not be tempted back into UFC and would instead be suited to a Hollywood role, according to welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

McGregor - UFC's household name - moved into boxing to face Floyd Mayweather Jr earlier this year, losing the blockbuster fight but earning a huge amount of money from the lucrative event.

UFC president Dana White has previously spoken of struggling to convince McGregor to return to UFC and Woodley believes it is not worth it for the Irishman, instead expecting him to "blow through that money".

"I've never thought he was coming back - I've said it all along," Woodley told TMZ.

"When he goes to fight for $60-110million - whatever he came home with - are you going to get him to come back and fight the match-ups that were most challenging to him for a fraction of that? You're not going to do it.

"For him to come back and fight me or Tony Ferguson? Or one of these [fighters] that are not going to be affected by the trash talk, the antics and are going to try to knock his head off? No. It's not worth it.

"He's going to blow through that money [instead]."

He added: "[McGregor] constantly involves himself if it's going to be newsworthy. This is what he wants

"Do I think his stock is going down as a fighter? Actually, his stock is going through the roof. He's constantly doing something that's going to get him seen."

Asked whether McGregor could transition again into a film star, Woodley was optimistic, saying: "His personality will transition well into film.

"He turned down movie roles. He said, 'I'm not going to do every movie role. So when something comes forward that's a good piece, I'm going to jump in there.'"

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