Archie Manning says Eli could retire after Giants debacle

Eli Manning's father Archie has claimed the quarterback could retire after being dropped by the New York Giants.

Giants coach Ben McAdoo controversially ended Manning's streak of 210 consecutive regular-season starts by naming the 36-year-old on the bench for Sunday's NFL showdown with the Oakland Raiders.

"If he's still there, we don't know what their future plans are, if other people are there. And you have no idea what other teams will think of a 37-year-old quarterback. You don't have any idea," Archie Manning said, via

"Eli might say, 'I've had enough. I'm feeling good. I've got a beautiful wife, three little girls, I'm healthy. And that's it.' So there's no sense speculating."

Archie also revealed that Tom Brady's father, Tom Brady Sr., wrote him a letter commemorating Eli's work with the Giants.

"He wrote me a beautiful message about what Eli has meant to the Giants and to the league," Archie told ESPN Sunday. "His email summed up the way Eli has carried himself during all of his years with the Giants and how that type of thing is important in our league at a time when maybe some of those things are breaking down. It was very meaningful to us."

Much of Eli's decision to stay could revolve around McAdoo and his decision to start Geno Smith Sunday. If that decision backfires on McAdoo, there is a chance he will be out of a job by Monday.

However, Eli could pull a Brett Favre and spend his final seasons somewhere else. The Giants would have to waive his no-trade clause or cut him. Either way, Eli will be on the market for the first time since the start of his career.

Archie said Eli has been handling everything very well, and Eli was seen helping backup Davis Webb work on his technique last week.

"He's over the worst day" Archie said of the day Eli was benched. "That was the worst day."

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