Thunder angry amid losing streak - Carmelo

Carmelo Anthony said the Oklahoma City Thunder are angry but not frustrated after their latest defeat in the NBA.

The Thunder crashed to a third consecutive defeat on Wednesday, upstaged by the Orlando Magic 121-108.

Led by reigning MVP Russell Westbrook and boosted by the arrivals of Paul George and Anthony, the Thunder have lost five of their last six games.

However, Anthony told reporters on Thursday: "I think in this game you almost have to be angry when you're losing basketball games.

"The way we're losing basketball games, it's more on us than anybody else. The anger part comes in, and I think when you're angry you show that you care. It's different than being frustrated."

The Thunder have been a frustrating team to watch so far this season. Oklahoma City are 0-9 in games decided by eight points or less and they have had eight outings in which they have led by double-digits and still lost.

The Thunder are ranked 22nd in total offense despite having All-Stars Westbrook, Paul George and Anthony on the court.

They are 8-12 and sit 10th in the Western Conference behind the Los Angeles Clippers, the Utah Jazz and the New Orleans Pelicans.

On Thursday, Anthony repeatedly said the Thunder are not frustrated. They are mad about the way they have played, but frustration has not yet set in.

"This is not frustrating," Anthony said. "Because we know what we have and we know what we can be and we know when we do it the results that we get.

"It pisses us off, it makes us angry when we're not getting the results that we want. We're putting in the work but we're not getting the results, and I think that's where the anger comes in at.

"We're angry that we're losing and we've got to stop that, but I've been on teams before we've dropped three, dropped four, dropped 10, dropped 12, and after a couple games the frustration level just gets higher and higher. And I wouldn't say anybody's frustrated in here."

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