Luggage mix-up doesn't leave Brecel snookered

They say you can't judge someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes, but what about once you've played a professional snooker match in them?

That is what Luca Brecel had to do at the Shanghai Masters on Tuesday after he picked up the wrong suitcase at the airport and was left without his attire.

In order to play his first-round match against Matthew Stevens, Brecel had to borrow clothes from fellow competitor Michael White.

His shirt came courtesy of the tournament director (he thinks!), while he made use of the stranger's suitcase he picked up by using the shoes that had been packed inside.

Brecel didn't seem to be affected by the late chaos as he breezed past Stevens 5-0 to reach the last 32.

"I landed at I think four o'clock and I took the wrong bag off the belt," he said in an interview posted on World Snooker's official Twitter account.

"It was exactly the same as mine but I only realised at maybe 6:15 tonight that it wasn't my bag so I had to borrow Michael White's clothes. So a crazy story and luckily I could still play.

"Funnily enough it was the same password [on the suitcase] - incredible."

Asked if he was playing in the tournament director's shirt, he added: "I think so, I don't know, actually. I actually borrowed the guy's shoes [out of the case], so a bit of a mix."

It seems Brecel is no stranger to luggage issues having recently lost his cue.

"I lost it in Daqing and they couldn't find it so it's gone," he said. "But Maximus from Thailand made a new cue for me and it's already here."

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