Jones ticked off by his 93-year-old mother for foul-mouthed rant

Eddie Jones was reprimanded by his 93-year-old mother for a foul-mouthed rant during England's unconvincing win over Argentina on Saturday.

A fuming Jones was caught on camera letting his feelings be known as England made hard work of beating the Pumas 21-8.

The Australian said there will be no repeat of his outburst after his mother called him to give him a telling off.

"I apologise for using poor language," the England head coach told Sky Sports News."I got in trouble from my mother. My mother, who is 93, rang up rom Australia and said 'please don't swear''.

"That'll be the last time I swear."

He added: "I was frustrated we didn't play better, I think everyone was a bit frustrated and sometimes you can't control yourself.

"We only had 39 per cent of the ball and we created opportunities, we just weren't able to finish it because we would have liked to have put a real gap on them.

"Ultimately the responsibility always comes back to me so If the players weren't able to do it, I didn't coach them well enough.

"Having said that, that win for us was an important win because you've got to win those games when you're not at your best. Whilst we're upset that we didn't play well, we're also proud that we found a way to win."


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