Brady or Manning? Miller struggling to pick greatest of all time

Denver Broncos star Von Miller is facing who he calls the greatest quarterback of all time in New England Patriots champion Tom Brady on Sunday.

Patriots veteran Brady, 40, is a five-time NFL Super Bowl champion, four-time MVP and 12-time Pro Bowler.

Former Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning won two Super Bowls and was crowned MVP in 2007.

Asked Wednesday on a conference call what Brady does that makes him so special, Miller responded simply "Tom Brady? Everything. He's the GOAT [greatest of all time].

"He's the GOAT but I feel like Peyton Manning is the real GOAT but Tom Brady is the GOAT."

Two GOATs? Apparently so, according to Miller, who won is lone Super Bowl to date with Manning under centre in 2015. 

"I mean I'm going to go with my guy. I'm going to go with Peyton [Manning] but I mean Tom Brady is the GOAT," he said.

Brady is just 6-6 against the Broncos in the regular season, including a 3-4 mark in Denver, and 1-3 in the postseason.

"Brady is playing until 40 [and] it looks like he can play until 45," Miller said. "Some other guys they can't make it that many years. It's all different. That all falls into the equation of Tom Brady being the GOAT."

Miller added: "Whenever you're talking about 'TB12' it's just like that's his name, too. It's not correct. It's not correct but that is his name," Miller said. "But it's not correct because in my opinion Peyton Manning is the GOAT.

"But that is his name. You know what I'm saying? It's kind of weird. Tom Brady, that's his real name. It's kind of like Bill and William. That's his name. He is the GOAT but in all reality it's Peyton. That's my guy."

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