England's Ashes squad agree to 'sensible rulings' on drinking

Trevor Bayliss says the England players have come up with "sensible rulings" over drinking on the Ashes tour but curfews will not be imposed.

England captain Joe Root denied a drinking culture exists in the team after his deputy Ben Stokes was arrested on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm following an incident in Bristol in September.

Bayliss revealed the squad will have rules to adhere to in Australia, but said it is important to strike a balance.

"Not drinking between matches is just sensible," the England head coach told the BBC.

"There's been no set curfews. I think they're just sensible rulings. To me, they're what we should be sticking to anyway as a player or someone around a professional set-up.

"The players have sat down and had a chat and they're the ones that've come up with it."

The Australian added: "We certainly don't want to put too many curfews on them that keep them in their rooms. It's a long tour, you've got to get out and experience the country that you're touring."

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