49ers might not play recruit Garoppolo this season

Jimmy Garoppolo's era with the San Francisco 49ers may not start as soon as people originally expected following his arrival from NFL Super Bowl champions the New England Patriots.

After the Patriots traded Garoppolo in exchange for a second-round draft pick on Monday, 49ers were given hope that San Francisco found a franchise quarterback to help lead the team to their first win.

However, head coach Kyle Shanahan suggested that it could be a while before Garoppolo makes his debut. 

"I can't promise you guys that he'll play this year," Shanahan told reporters on Wednesday.

"I know that we have a guy that we're excited about, and I know has the ability to help us and help this team in the future.

"That's what I mean by 'well we didn't do this just to save this year.' We did this because we feel this will improve our team and our organisation."

Shanahan also indicated that he did not want to throw the quarterback into a situation that he could not handle and would wait until Garoppolo had a better understanding of their playbook.

"I'm not going to put someone out there who I don't think has a chance to be successful and that starts with the playbook," Shanahan said.

"That starts with understanding the plays that you're calling, how to communicate to the other 10 guys to actually know where people are when you say it."

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