PGA Tour officials and players evacuate Silverado after Napa fires

Just a few hours after Brendan Steele defended his Safeway Open title a massive wildfire swept through the Silverado Resort and Spa golf course. 

All guests and staff staying at the resort were evacuated safely on Sunday night, but the fire is reported to have cause significant damage at Silverado.

Jeff Sanders, the Safeway Open tournament director, said the skybox near the the 17th green had burned down. There was also damage to several condominiums on the east side of the resort and to homes across Atlas Peak Road. 

"You could see orange flames coming down the hillside," Sanders said. "Luckily, nobody got hurt. ... I had never been involved in a fire like that in my life. When the fire comes at you, man, it's quick. I'm just glad we smelled the smoke."

Sanders was among other PGA Tour professionals and officials who evacuated from the resort.

"We got out of there, thank God," Sanders said Monday. "It was quick. It happened fast. The wind was blowing 40 mph, blowing the fire down the top of the hill on No. 5. It didn't take long for the embers to cause problems.

"We all left our stuff, ran for our cars and got the hell out of there."

Several of the players who were still in the area during the fire posted tweets including pictures of the fire.

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