Rhinos have learned from 2016 - Cuthbertson

Adam Cuthbertson says Leeds Rhinos have learned from their nightmare 2016 and will not fall into another dip next season.

Following on from their treble triumph in 2015, the Rhinos found themselves competing in the Qualifiers at the end of last term thanks to an alarming loss of form.

But the Rhinos are back in the Grand Final, where they take on Castleford Tigers on Saturday, and forward Cuthbertson is keen to leave the past behind.

"I think we've definitely learned from our past mistakes," he told Omnisport. "An important thing about 2016 was we took a lot from it and we can learn from it and we really have. That's why we've turned it around so quick.

"I think we really grew as a team. We lost a lot of good leaders after 2015 which I think weakened us in a sense.

"But saying that, in 2016 we grew a lot of good leaders among the team. A lot more players now can be dependable in big games and got that bit of experience as leaders among the team."

Asked whether Leeds' home and away defeats to Castleford this season would be a factor at Old Trafford, Cuthbertson added: "No, not at all. The season's the season, this is 80 minutes of football now. It's all on the line.

"You can do what you want at the beginning of the year, middle of the year, [but] the end of the year it comes down to this game, so we're all in this weekend. We're out to win it and that's all that matters.

"I don't know if [our experience] will help but I know it's definitely handy to have that sort of experience.

"I know Cas have been the frontrunners all year and they've been quite strong.

"At the end of the day, experience and what not, it comes down to a team effort, so we'll just be the better team on the night."

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