Pickard: This season is about Las Vegas, not Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights' inaugural season in the NHL is being dedicated to the city of Las Vegas following Sunday's mass shooting. 

The Golden Knights and the NHL donated a combined $300,000 to the victims and families after more than 50 people were killed and over 500 injured when a gunman opened fire on an outdoor concert in Las Vegas.

Golden Knights goaltender Calvin Pickard said the team want to do all they can to give the fans something to cheer about after the weekend's massacre.

"It's going to be very emotional going into the season here," Pickard told reporters on Wednesday.

"It was pretty close to home, a lot of the guys were down by the strip and to see the community come together, it's pretty special."

Pickard added: "If we can provide that scapegoat and go out and play our game and give the fans a chance to escape and have some fun at the game we'd love to do that. Anything we can do we're going to continue to do it."

The Golden Knights open their season against the Dallas Stars on Friday before welcoming the Arizona Coyotes to Las Vegas on Tuesday.

"We want to make Vegas proud of us," veteran goalie Marc-Andre Fleury told reporters. "We want them to come to our game and cheer us on and make the game fun and win some games for them." 


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