WATCH: Showboating costly as Bears' Cooper is denied TD

You play to the whistle. It is something every athlete will have been taught during their career, yet Marcus Cooper did not adhere to those words, and it cost him.

The Chicago Bears cornerback appeared certain to score as a blocked field goal deflected into his grasp in their game with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Cooper had a clear run to the line but inexplicably slowed up with 15 yards to go, allowing Steelers tight end Vance McDonald to catch him and knock the ball out of his grasp just before he crossed into the end zone.

Pittsburgh then batted the ball out of the end zone, giving Chicago the ball back at the one-yard line but forcing the Bears to settle for a field goal after a false start penalty.

Cooper will want to forget the play in a hurry, but expect to see this one on the blooper reel come the end of the season.

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