Marotta wants one European transfer deadline after Premier League change

Juventus chief executive Giuseppe Marotta thinks Serie A, LaLiga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 should follow the trailblazing Premier League and move their transfer windows.

It was announced on Thursday that the deadline for new signings in England's top flight will close prior to the season starting from 2018-19, shifting from the traditional date at the end of August or start of September.

However, clubs from other competitions where the window remains open will still be able to purchase players from the Premier League.

Marotta advocates the approach and thinks the time has come for a single deadline across the whole of the continent.

"This is a decision I was waiting for with great anticipation," he told Sky.

"It's a wise choice. Having such a long transfer window creates turmoil. 

"A well-run club can still plan out a transfer market, but you shouldn't have players moving when the leagues have already started or at the start of September when they are with their national teams.

"Serie A must now address the [Italian Football] Federation with a strong opinion from all the clubs and a decision will be made there.

"I think there must be a homogenous solution, at least within all the major European leagues."


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