PlayStations, cakes and football - How F1 drivers spent the qualifying rain delay

Formula One drivers and engineers found themselves with two and a half hours to kill on Saturday, when heavy rain forced a delay to qualifying at the Italian Grand Prix.

Drivers had been on track less than five minutes when Haas' Romain Grosjean spun on a patch of standing water on the pit straight, bringing a halt to the session.

Final practice had already been limited to 16 minutes earlier in the day.

What followed was a seemingly endless stream of updates every 15 minutes, each one offering little more information than that the next update would be along in another quarter of an hour.

So how did everyone occupy themselves during the lengthy stoppage?

We've picked out some of the highlights, including Lewis Hamilton taking on Valtteri Bottas on the PlayStation, and Felipe Massa playing football in the pits.


Hamilton started out by having a chat with Mercedes-Benz chief Dieter Zetsche.

But he soon got bored of that and disappeared to find team-mate Bottas for some racing of the virtual kind. 

Force India entertained themselves by rowing down the pit lane.

While Esteban Ocon was one of many drivers to try their hand at being a camera operator.

Williams got the football out.

Renault got the cakes out.

And Grosjean, the man who forced the red flag in the first place... well he just apologised.

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