Ocon keen to move on after accepting Perez apology

Esteban Ocon admitted his accusation that Sergio Perez was putting their lives at risk during the Belgian Grand Prix was made "in the heat of the moment" and the Frenchman is keen to move on.

For the second time this season the team-mates collided, their cars coming together on two occasions during Sunday's race at Spa - the latter leaving Perez with a puncture and Ocon with a damaged front wing.

Ocon was able to cling on for two points following the incidents but was seething with his colleague following the grand prix, suggesting Perez was putting them both in danger with his actions.

The Mexican refuted those claims in a video posted on Twitter, but did accept blame for the first incident from which they escaped unscathed.

"I didn't expect Esteban to be there, it was totally my fault," he said. "I am disappointed to see his comments that I wanted to kill him. I'm not that kind of guy, I just want to move on."

And Ocon appears ready to do so too, the 20-year-old posting a message on social media stressing his commitment to working with Perez for the good of Force India.

"In the heat of the moment and given the dangerous situation, I was very much upset," he posted on Twitter.

"But we will be moving forward, we are a team and I appreciate my team-mate apologising.

"We want to work better together.

"I'm committed to the success of Force India, and I'm confident that as a team we will put this behind us to reach even greater levels of success together.

"We have a big challenge ahead with keeping fourth place, and nothing will distract us from that goal."

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