After Mayweather v McGregor, will it be Bellew v Bisping?

You cannot escape the hype around the forthcoming Floyd Mayweather Jr versus Conor McGregor showdown, so it is little wonder that other fighting stars are looking to get in on the action.

While the world awaits this month's keenly anticipated clash between boxing great Mayweather and UFC superstar McGregor, two other cross-discipline rivals have tried to muscle in on the limelight.

When former WBC cruiserweight title holder Tony Bellew said in an interview with Sky Sports that he would take on UFC champion Michael Bisping, the mixed martial artist was quick to respond on Twitter.

Before long, the pair had agreed to a boxing match - once Bisping has dealt with Georges St-Pierre in a challenge to his middleweight crown on November 4.

"For the record, after GSP, I'm down to have a boxing match with you 100 percent," wrote Bisping.

The reply from Bellew read: "Well it looks and sounds good to me... @EddieHearn can provide the stage and I'll provide a knockout to add to my highlight reel."

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