Farah blasts media for 'trying to destroy' his achievements

A frustrated Mo Farah has accused sections of the media of "trying to destroy" his legacy in the wake of his final major championship as a track athlete.

The four-time Olympic gold medallist claimed yet another victory in the 10,000m at the IAAF World Championships in London, but had to settle for second behind Muktar Edris in Saturday's 5000m as his lengthy winning streak in global events came to an end.

In a news conference on Sunday, Farah appeared to take objection to questions regarding his relationship with coach Alberto Salazar, who was the subject of doping allegations in a 2015 BBC investigation. Both Salazar and Farah have repeatedly and vehemently denied breaking anti-doping rules.

"So many times, you guys have been unfair to me. Sometimes I find it bizarre how certain people write certain things to be able to suit how they want to sell the story," Farah told reporters.

"You guys get to me at certain times, because you never write the facts. The fact is, over the years, I have achieved through hard work and pain. What I achieve is through hard work and dedication, year after year.

"It's like I achieve what I have achieved and you're trying to destroy it."

Farah, who is set to switch his focus to road running, added: "I want you to write the truth about what's out there and educate people out there. But be honest with them. If you say Mo Farah has done something wrong, prove it.

"The reality is, no matter what you do, I'm going to still keep fighting, keep working, making my country proud.

"I'm proud to be British and put my GB vest on and do it for my country. You can write what you like but, at the same time, I'm a clean athlete. I sleep well at night, hugging my kids, loving my kids, and showing them what's right. And that's all that counts."

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