Bolt photobombs Gatlin after 100m heats

Usain Bolt may not have been pleased with his performance in the 100 metres heats on Friday, but he was in a good enough mood to photobomb Justin Gatlin.

The long-time rivals were victorious in their first outings of the 2017 IAAF World Championships, though times of over 10 seconds mean they will be keen for improvement.

Gatlin was roundly booed by the crowd at London Stadium before and after his heat, but dismissed talk of tension between Bolt and himself by stating they have a "gentleman's rivalry".

The Jamaican, who was hugely frustrated with how his farewell to the sport began, had a far different way of showing there are no issues between them, leaping into shot as Gatlin spoke to the cameras.

Relations may not be so amicable after the semi-finals and final on Saturday.

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