Frampton showdown cancelled after Gutierrez suffers facial injuries in shower fall


Andres Gutierrez has been forced to pull out of his fight against Carl Frampton after a slip in the shower on the eve of the Belfast showdown caused facial injuries including two broken teeth.

The Mexican was left with a deep cut on his chin, a gashed nose and smashed front teeth on Friday, as well as concussion.

That left organisers with no option but to cancel what was to be a homecoming on Saturday for Frampton, who lost his WBA featherweight title following defeat to Leo Santa Cruz in January.

Frampton's trainer Barry McGuigan told BBC Sport: "It's so, so disappointing, but it's a freak accident, how can you ever predict something like that?

"He slips in the shower and smashes his face, but the guy is concussed, he's got a deep gash on his chin, deep gash on his nose and smashed out two of his teeth.

"He's obviously had a head injury as well."