Vettel reluctant to accept Halo, Alonso happy to compromise aesthetics


Sebastian Vettel is not a big fan of the introduction of the Halo to Formula One, but Fernando Alonso is happy to compromise aesthetics for safety.

The FIA announced last week all F1 cars will be fitted with the cockpit protection device from the 2018 season.

An alternative concept known as the Shield was trialled at the British Grand Prix, but Vettel complained it made him dizzy.

The introduction of the Halo has caused controversy with reports a number of teams were opposed to the idea, but Vettel welcomes the additional protection despite some reservations.

"I wasn't a big fan of the Shield because the view was compromised. You have to get used to the Halo, but at least it didn't impact on the vision," said Vettel ahead of this weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix.

"The decision for Halo helps drivers in case something goes wrong, but I can understand people that say it doesn't belong on a Formula One car.

"If there are certain situations in which the Halo helps, it would be stupid not to use it.

"Times are changing. Overall, it's supposed to help us so I think that's what we need to remember.

"The halo we saw last year is probably not the one we see next year and the year after."

McLaren driver Alonso welcomed the additional safety benefits, stating any concerns about looks are unimportant.

"I tend to agree with Sebastian. First comes safety and if this device can help in many of the fatal accidents we've had in the last 10 or 15 years we are all happy to implement the device," he said.

"If we could go back in time and save their lives we would all be happy. That's the first and only thing we should talk [about]. The aesthetics I don't care too much.

"F1 has changed a lot, from my first year in 2001 the cars are very different. I'm happy to implement any extra head protections for next year if the FIA study and develop the Halo and this is the most effective way to protect the drivers, it's more than welcome."

Max Verstappen was blunt in his objection, saying: "I don't like it.

"The wheel tethers are strong so you won't lose a wheel easily. When there are parts flying around it won't protect."