Cricket Australia prepared to enter arbitration to end pay dispite


Cricket Australia (CA) is prepared to take the bitter player pay dispute to arbitration if the saga is not brought to an end early next week.

Over 200 players were left unemployed when CA and the Australian Cricketers' Association (ACA) failed to reach an agreement for a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) before a deadline at the end of last month.

The parties remain at odds, leading to uncertainty over whether Australia's upcoming tour of Bangladesh, a subsequent one-day series in India and even the Ashes series with England will go ahead.

CA chief executive on Thursday said the governing body is proposing that an independent industrial umpire is called in if terms are not agreed in the coming days.

"We're really at a stage now where we need to address this situation and cricket needs to get on with the game," Sutherland said at a press conference.

"The ACA has recently put forward some proposals in regards to a process through this, including contracting around players.

"We feel that what has been proposed actually jeopardises not only the Bangladesh tour but then in turn the Indian tour upcoming and beyond that even, dare I say it, the Ashes.

"We are proposing an alternative route through this. We have had discussions just today with the ACA about our proposal.

"Our proposal allows players to be contracted in the short term, and for a real focus that allows the fans of the game to have great confidence about not only tours proceeding but also the summer ahead.

"We're proposing that in the short term both parties get together with really strong intent to get this deal sorted and hopefully by early next week we can have the situation resolved.

"In the event that it's not resolved at that time, we are proposing that any residual matters that haven't been resolved are sent to arbitration ... and we're prepared to accept whatever decision comes. In cricketing parlance, we're prepared to accept the umpire's decision and move on."