Djokovic likely to miss US Open - doctor


Novak Djokovic looks set to miss the US Open due to his ongoing elbow injury after the Tennis Federation of Serbia's doctor instructed him to rest for "six to 12 weeks".

Djokovic has been suffering elbow trouble for more than a year and a half and had to retire from his Wimbledon quarter-final against Tomas Berdych with the issue.

Dr Zdeslav Milinkovic says the symptoms are easing, but, after seeing a specialist in Toronto, Djokovic will still need time to undergo a programme of rehabilitation.

"Nole must rest for six to 12 weeks," Dr Milinkovic told Sportski Zurnal. "The next review will determine whether this assessment remains or changes.

"During this period he will not bother to train with a racquet, but he will run other segments, such as fitness and the like."

Speaking after his Wimbledon retirement, Djokovic said: "The specialists that I've talked with, they haven't been really too clear, mentioning also surgery, mentioning different options. Nobody was very clear in what needs to be done.

"As long as it kind of comes and goes, it's fine. But obviously, adding up, maybe it worked for seven, eight, 10 months, but now the next seven months is not working that great. Obviously it's adding up more and more.

"The more I play, the worse it gets. I guess the break is something that I will have to consider right now."

The US Open gets under way on the last weekend in August.