The Open Diary: Umbrellas as distress beacons, inflatable palm trees and a lasso


The 146th Open Championship at Royal Birkdale came to an end on Sunday, but not before Omnisport's reporters on the ground could spy a few more nuggets for the daily diary.

If you ever wanted to read about the use of umbrellas as a potential distress beacon, inflatable palm trees and when golf stewards turn bad, you've come to the right place. 



The crowds were out in force on Sunday, making extra work for the many stewards who manage the flow of traffic around the course.

Some have the responsibility of manning the crossing points of the various paths that dissect fairways or otherwise intersect with the holes.

But not all the spectators are keen to stop when told and, after one steward had failed to halt the tide across the 14th, one of his colleagues gave him a gentle dressing down.

Exasperated, the chided steward suggested a more extreme approach next time around.

"I'll just lasso them, shall I?" he said, hopefully joking.



Another potential issue with the sheer number of bodies wandering the links course is how easy it can be to become separated from your friends and family.

One gentleman of an older vintage was overheard plotting an ingenious method to overcome that very problem.

"Take this," he said, handing an umbrella to a much younger man who transpired to be his grandson.

"If you get lost, just hold it up in the air and I'll spot you."

The response prompted a laugh that this Omnisport reporter simply could not conceal from the pair of them.

"Grandad," said the younger man. "We've got mobile phones."



Qualifier Toby Tree has a name that lends itself to unashamedly pun-laden headlines (see above).

He also has a surname that is made for being shouted aloud, with the 'e' sound at the end elongated (try it).

So when he went off the back at the 18th and landed a beautiful recovery shot right near the hole, he was greeted in just that fashion by a group of enthusiastic followers.

When one of Omnisport's roving reporters turned towards the source of the noise, the Tree-loving supporters were waving inflatable palm trees above their heads!