Spieth: Nicklaus, Woods transcend the game... I'm nowhere near that

Jordan Spieth described it as "amazing" to be spoken about in the same breath as golf greats Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

Sunday's dramatic three-stroke triumph at The Open saw Spieth join those two luminaries in winning three majors before the age of 24.

Victory at next month's US PGA Championship would see The Texan become the youngest player to complete a career Grand Slam, but he was reluctant to elevate himself to the same level as the likes of Nicklaus and Woods.

Asked what it meant to him to be mentioned in such company, Spieth said: "I've answered this question a few times a couple years ago, so I'll be careful with my answer.

"It's amazing. I feel blessed to be able to play the game I love, but I don't think that comparisons are appropriate or necessary.

"So to be in that company, no doubt, is absolutely incredible and I certainly appreciate it.

"We work really hard to have that, with that being the goal. Therefore, I enjoy moments like you saying that.

"But I'm very careful as to what that means going forward because what those guys have done has transcended the sport.

"In no way, shape or form do I think I'm anywhere near that, whatsoever. So it's a good start, but there is a long way to go."

Spieth met up with some others to have transcended their sport when he celebrated the July 4 holiday in Cabo with Michael Phelps and Michael Jordan.

While Spieth - who surrendered his three-shot overnight lead only to gain it back over the closing five holes - again refused to place himself on their level of superstardom, he did suggest that adopting that mindset could prove valuable.

"Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps are the greatest to ever do what they did, and I'm not," he said.

"But if you believe that you are, then you're almost as good as being that.

"And it's so hard in that situation [when he was struggling on Sunday] to believe that, but just having just the slightest bit of belief in it makes you so confident."

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