Golf's Roger Federer? Dustin Johnson thinks he's doing 'a pretty good job'

Dustin Johnson feels his contribution to golf leaves him with no reason to feel inferior to tennis legend Roger Federer.

Swiss maestro Federer won an eighth Wimbledon title this month to further advance his status as an all-time great of his sport.

The 35-year-old is lauded as an ambassador for tennis and it was put to Johnson that golf needs a similar figure and that, as world number one, that responsibility may fall most appropriately on his shoulders.

It was a question he did not shy away from, with the American replying at his pre-Open press conference at Royal Birkdale: "I think I do okay. I don't really know. You all will be the judge of that. But as far as my opinion, I think I do a pretty good job.

"I think golf is in a really good spot right now. All the young guys that are so good. I think the talent level is very high and it's very exciting every week.

"The talent level is so high on the PGA Tour that it's hard... especially right now in this day and age, the talent is so good from one to 50 in the world that it's hard to be that dominant.

"If you look at tennis, a top-50 guy in the world is probably not going to win a major championship, whereas a guy here in the top 50 has a really good shot.

"It's just different. It's a different sport. It's different levels of talent from one to 50."

The last seven majors have been claimed by first-time winners of one of golf's four biggest tournaments.

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