Gallen questions why Blues duo were drinking pre-Origin

Former New South Wales captain Paul Gallen questioned Blake Ferguson and Josh Dugan's decision to drink before the Blues' State of Origin decider.

After the Blues lost the series decider 22-6 against Queensland last week, it has emerged that NSW pair Ferguson and Dugan were drinking at a hotel during preparations for the do-or-die clash in Brisbane.

And Gallen does not understand why the duo were consuming alcohol heading into such a big game.

"After a game, after a hard week of training, you go out and have a win, you've got a long, seven-day turn-around, I'm happy to have a drink," Gallen told Sky Sports Radio.

"But when you're preparing for a game of footy ... I just don't do it.

"I can't talk about the leadership or culture of the team because I wasn't a part of it.

"But ... I think a lot of it comes back to individual preparation and how well you want to prepare for a game and how much this game means for you."

"You get this Origin jersey, it doesn't make you an Origin player," Gallen added.

"You've got to earn that jersey and earn that right to be called an Origin player. And that starts with your preparation.

"If they went out on an eight-hour bender five days out from an Origin game, I think it'd be bitterly disappointing for themselves and the whole team, and certainly [coach] Laurie Daley."

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