I'm a Lakers fan, so I'm not going to be too nice - Sam Querrey refuses to get chummy with Draymond Green

Sam Querrey takes his sporting allegiances pretty seriously, even when in the midst of his best run at a grand slam.

Golden State Warriors star and NBA Defensive Player of the Year Draymond Green stopped by Wimbledon on Wednesday and took some time to chat to Querrey on the same day he stunningly knocked out defending champion Andy Murray in the quarter-finals.

But, while Querrey - who was born in San Francisco - was more than happy to meet Green, the Los Angeles Lakers fan revealed things did not get too cordial.

"Draymond was cool. I met him for five minutes. But I'm a Lakers fan, so I'm not going to be too nice to the guy," Querrey said after his semi-final loss to Marin Cilic on Friday.

Querrey, though, has high hopes for Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, who has posted two triple-doubles in Summer League.

He added: "Super excited about Lonzo. He looks good in the summer league. Hopefully he'll keep it up."

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