Rafa grateful after bystander aces Nadal's self-serve struggle

We've all been in a situation where we're in a foreign country and the help of the locals is required.

And global tennis superstar Rafael Nadal was no different when he was out buying supplies at Wimbledon earlier this week.

The Spaniard seemingly encountered troubles with the self-service checkout (be honest, who hasn't?) before being helped by a fellow shopper.

The man tweeted about meeting Nadal earlier this week, writing: "Just done Rafa Nadal's shopping for him on the self service tills on the tesco express in Wimbledon village. Surreal."

Nadal, ever the fan favourite wherever in the world he may be, took a couple of days to reply, but when he did the two-time Wimbledon champion was keen to express his gratitude.

"Always thankful to have people helping you [when] are having problems. Thank you for your help Nick!"

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