Cubs' Epstein on trade rumours: Our biggest fixes are inside the clubhouse


Theo Epstein has an easy solution for reigning MLB World Series champions the Chicago Cubs to turn their faltering season around -- work everything out with the players already on the roster.

The Cubs president said trades and acquisitions will not help Chicago's mediocre 42-43 record, but by working out the kinks within the team, they can still make the playoffs and defend their title.

"Our biggest fixes are inside the clubhouse," Epstein told reporters before Thursday's 11-2 loss to the National League (NL) Central-leading Milwaukee Brewers.

"This is largely the same club that won 200 games, averaged 100 wins over the last two years. There's not a player that we can realistically bring in from the outside that can spur us to play at that level.

"We're going to get to that point of playing to that level because of the guys that are here."

It does not help that the Cubs have been plagued by injuries and that a good chunk of last year's starters are struggling with their mechanics. 

Either way, Epstein expressed certainty that the players' talent is there, despite their subpar record.

"The talent rests inside our clubhouse, inside players who are wearing Cubs uniforms right now," Epstein said. "We'll do what we can to look to augment that, but there's not going to be a fundamental shift in the player personnel that we have.

"We like our club. We don't like how we've played to date."