Get a grip! Li Haotong's mother makes unsuccessful bid to retrieve putter


They say mother knows best, but Li Haotong's mum should have known better than to walk into a water hazard in search of his broken putter.

The Chinese had cast his club into the drink on day one of the Open de France, but the 21-year-old's mother evidently did not approve of his littering and waded into the water to recover it.

But her admirable efforts proved largely futile as she attempted to pull out the club, only to discover that it had been snapped in half as she succeeded in retrieving just the grip.

And she did not find much sympathy from Li's fellow pros, with a couple of his nearby competitors unable to stay on their feet as they doubled over in laughter.

An eagle at 14 since moved Li to two under - three off the lead - but he may have some apologies to make when he finishes his round!