Wall wants to see George in a Wizards jersey

When news spread this month regarding Indiana Pacers forward Paul George's possible availability this offseason, it caused a domino effect throughout the entire NBA.

Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics have been heavily linked with George, but all indications suggest the All-Star small forward fancies a move to the Los Angeles Lakers next offseason when he is a free agent.

While the Lakers would likely be interested in making that happen, it does not appear as though George will be playing for them next season.

That does not mean he will not leave the Pacers, though, and John Wall has not given up hope of playing alongside the 27-year-old for the Washington Wizards.

"I am talking to some guys - Paul," the point guard told ESPN. "I know his ultimate goal of where he wants to be. I'm trying to see if we can make something happen."

Wall pointed out that the nucleus of himself, Bradley Beal, Otto Porter Jr and Marcin Gortat just needs one more physical presence to help the Wizards contend for a ticket to the Finals.

"Look at our team. We are one piece away," Wall said. "We have the point guard, we have the shooting guard, we have the center, we have the power forward. Our three-man [Otto Porter Jr] did great for us. You can't take nothing away from what he did.

"But, [George] is a guy that can guard LeBron [James] and go back at LeBron. It's a piece that you're going to need to win. If you don't have a guy who can do that, you don't have a chance.

"You got to add another star. You got to add another piece. You got to have three guys. And that's what it's looking like."


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