Di Maria fined EUR2m for tax fraud but avoids jail after guilty plea


Angel Di Maria has been fined EUR2million and handed a one-year prison sentence, which he will not be required to serve, after admitting two counts of tax fraud in a plea agreement with Spanish prosecutors.

Spain's Public Prosecutor's Office accused the Paris Saint-Germain winger of failing to pay EUR1.3m in image rights relating to a period between 2012 and 2013, during his four-year spell playing for Real Madrid, EFE confirm.

Di Maria has pleaded guilty to the two charges, which each carry a six-month sentence, but the Argentina international will not serve jail time as sentences below two years in length are normally suspended under Spanish law for first-time offenders.

The 29-year-old moved to PSG from Manchester United in 2015, having joined the Premier League club from Madrid the previous year.