Avoiding social media key for Kohli

Virat Kohli said avoiding social media has helped him and his India side to handle the pressure in their charge to the ICC Champions Trophy final against big rivals Pakistan on Sunday.

Kohli is a global icon with millions of followers on various social media platforms, but the prolific batsman has not been investing too much time on that during the tournament.

And the India captain thinks that approach has paid off as the hype builds ahead of the battle between two huge sporting rivals at The Oval this weekend.

Asked what he has learned from leading his country in an ICC tournament for the first time, Kohli said: "The biggest thing is to stay off social media.

"Honestly, it sounds funny, but it's so important to stay away from those things, to connect to things that matter, the things that a sportsman needs to take care of.

"Connecting to yourselves within, taking a bit more time to do stuff which you don't normally get to do and stay away from everything.

"It's tough, but you have to make that sort of effort to stay in a good zone and a good mindset, to be happy playing second fiddle in a big tournament like this throughout in all the games to be thinking about bouncing back after a setback.

"All those things I've learned a lot how to handle certain things. And that can only happen when you're able to connect with yourself first.

"If you're too distracted listening to too many suggestions or praise or criticism, then you can't focus on what you need to think as a sportsman first to be able to lead the team and then help the others in the team, as well.

"That's probably been the biggest learning. To be able to maintain that balance nicely has been a good thing for me."

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