Spieth expects big swing at 18th hole, literally and figuratively

Jordan Spieth believes having a long par-five as the final hole at Erin Hills is an "exciting" way to decide this year's U.S. Open.

The 18th is a monster at 663 yards with plenty of opportunities for big swings, literally and figuratively.

And Spieth, who won the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay two years ago after some final-hole drama, believes the course set-up paves the way for another dramatic denouement.

"Well, it's exciting I think if it's played the right way - the right way is subjective," Spieth said in his news conference.

"But I think most people would agree that if you have an option for an eagle and you've got options for six, and I think that the 18th hole here can produce both.

"It's a very difficult green with the prevailing wind because it's so flat on the green. It actually pitches from the middle of the green to the back.

"And downwind, if the greens are firm, which it doesn't look like they're going to be, but if it was firm, it leaves an almost impossible shot if you're outside 120 yards just to hold the green.

"So trouble lurks on the 18th off the tee. If you hit a good tee ball you've got the option of going out, playing the angles.

"You can go towards the green, depending on where the pin is that might leave an easier third or you can take it down the right side. I think it's an exciting finishing hole."


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