Kohli considering Ashwin selection for Champions Trophy decider against South Africa

India captain Virat Kohli has suggested spinner Ravichandran Ashwin may come into his side for Sunday's decisive Champions Trophy game against South Africa at The Oval.

The winners of the game will go through to the semi-finals and the losers will be heading home early, with Ashwin having sat out each of India's two matches at the tournament so far.

But after Sri Lanka successfully chased down India's score of 321 in their last game, Kohli accepted it could be time to turn to Ashwin.

"There are all kind of possibilities. We definitely have looked at the last game and where we can make a bit of change," Kohli told reporters on Saturday.

"We've already discussed [selecting Ashwin] and I'm not going to reveal anything now, but everything is possible. You can have any sort of combination possible for us starting.

"I crave games like these. You want to be part of matches that are as important as this one and then if you perform in that and your team gets across the line, it's a different feeling. It improves you as a cricketer. Everyone looks forward to games like these and everyone in the team is very excited."

India have failed to record a huge score despite setting solid platforms in their two Champions Trophy fixtures and Kohli suggested a change of mental approach is needed to push the team's totals higher.

"I think you need to have a good balance of being competitive, being passionate about the game, but at the same time not getting overexcited," Kohli added. "I think the team that treats the game as normal as possible is the team that's in a better position to get the right result.

"A lot of times, teams come in and they want to do something special and end up messing up the game in important situations. The team that can have most composure will have a better chance of winning the game.

"That's what I've experienced in the past, and you tend to get overexcited, and then you commit errors that can cost the team important runs, or if you fail to grab all the chances because you're overexcited and that can cost the team, as well."

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