Marshall: Beckham biggest superstar NFL has ever seen


Brandon Marshall heaped praised on New York Giants team-mate Odell Beckham Jr, describing him as the "biggest superstar our game has seen in the history of football".

A three-time NFL Pro Bowler, Beckham is arguably the most popular player in the league due to his exploits with the Giants.

And Marshall talked up the talented 24-year-old wide receiver.

"He's the biggest superstar our game has ever seen in the history of football," Marshall told

Marshall has always been one to talk up his team-mates, having said great things about Jay Cutler and Ryan Fitzpatrick in the past despite their less-than-stellar track records at times.

But Marshall certainly knows the receiving game and the benefits a player of Beckham's calibre brings to the entire offense.

"I'm happy to be his teammate lined up on the other side," Marshall said.

"Go double coverage him. Send all the coverage to him, and I'll be backside, me and [Sterling Shepard] one on one, and we'll be happy."