Alonso gives strong hint over McLaren exit


Fernando Alonso looks destined to leave McLaren after the two-time world champion said "If we are winning before September I will stay".

Alonso will return to the Formula One circuit at the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend after skipping the last race in Monaco to compete in the Indy 500.

The Spaniard has made no secret of his dissatisfaction at McLaren's woes this season, prompting doubts to be raised over whether he will remain with the team.

Alonso was quizzed about his future in Montreal on Thursday and given how much McLaren have struggled this year, his answer strongly suggested he could be on the move.

"A third world championship is still my biggest priority." said the 35-year-old.

"A Formula One car is still the best one I can drive after 16 years of experience. But I know that I can jump into any car, any race, with any tyres, with rules and be competitive.

"I'm not afraid of the future and I know that if I cannot succeed in Formula One, I can win in any series."

He added: "We have to win, if we are winning before September - or something like that - when I make a decision, I will stay."

When further quizzed about his plans, Alonso said: "You never know, you cannot be 100 per cent about the season for next year.

"I joined this project because I wanted to be champion, and we are not in that position, so if you don't see things changing, if you are not in a competitive position, maybe you change project."