Massa open to 16th Formula One season


Felipe Massa is open to extending his Formula One career by another year after an impressive start to the season with Williams.

Massa retired from F1 - to considerable fanfare - at the end of the last campaign, only to be talked into a return by Williams after Valtteri Bottas switched to Mercedes.

And, driving alongside rookie Lance Stroll, the Brazilian has made the points in four of the opening six races, registering a pair of sixth and ninth-place finishes.

Asked by if his strong form is encouraging him to consider a 16th F1 season, the 36-year-old replied: "Yes. If I have the opportunity to stay in the direction I am or the direction I think is correct for me, I stay.

"Otherwise, no. I was saying the same last year.

"I'm relaxed, there's no pressure and I'm just trying to enjoy it. I was doing the same [last year], but I don't know, maybe things change for [the] better and the way I feel and the way I'm working is quite relaxed.

"I'm sure I can do a really good job. I feel things are going well. I like this car, it's a lot more close to my driving style.

"I'm happy with the car, the way I'm driving, the way I'm feeling and the work I'm doing with the team. The most important thing is trying not to lose points."

On the possibility of setting a deadline for a decision on next year, Massa added: "I'm not considering anything, to be honest. I just enjoy myself race by race and we see what is going to happen. I have no idea what is going to happen."