Premier League kits 2017/18 - leaks, rumours, official announcements

Players in kit

The 2017/18 Premier League season looks set to be awash with retro styling. Liverpool are celebrating their 125th anniversary with a simple design calling back to the 1970s while Manchester United's new away kit (above) draws inspiration from the early 1990s.

See all the 2017/18 Premier League kits released, rumoured or leaked online in our regularly updated below.

AFC Bournemouth

Home (confirmed)

Bournemouth AFC Home Kit 2017/18

Bournemouth are kitted out by English sportswear and football equipment supplier Umbro this season and their home kit is simplicity itself. Nicely spaced stripes and and neat, minimalist collar keep the shirt looking crisp.


They had a bright blue shirt last year - will they stick with that or go back to black possibly?


Home (confirmed)

Arsenal FC Home shirt 2017/18

This shirt has a retro feel with a larger collar than in previous years and a very simple design which, apart from it's skin-tight fit, would not look out of place in the 1930s or 40s!

Away (leaked)

Arsenal FC Home kit 2017/18

Having stuck with yellow and blue for the last couple of season Arsenal have returned to a blue away kits as seen in to 09/10 or 11/12 seasons. However, this leaked image shows what would be a thoroughly modern dip-dyed shirt that transitions from a darker to a lighter shade of blue.

Away (leaked)

Arsenal Third kit 2017/18

This leaked image shows Arsenal could be sporting a charcoal grey and pink number on the odd occasion during the 2017/18 season.

Brighton & Hove Albion

Home (confirmed)

Brighton and Hove Albion FC home kit 2017/18

Brighton have teamed up with Nike for their first ever season in the Premier League. Their new home kit, released in May, is a fairly complex affair with two blues, including a paler section with herringbone effect on the shoulders.


Brighton have unleashed some truly remarkable away shirts in their time, here's hoping they come up with something memorable for the 2017/18 season.


Home (confirmed)

Burnley FC Home shirt 2017/18

Burnley have a classy looking strip this year - a simple, claret collar (with button!) gives way to a modern grid design on the shoulders. Puma are so proud of their efforts they've added the logo to sleeves as well as the chest!


Puma reversed Burnley's two main colours and kept the design the same for last year's away strip - let's hope for something a little more interesting this year.


Home (leaked)

Leaked Chelsea Home shirt 2017/18

It will be simple, stylish affair for the defending champions if this leaked image is anything to go by.

Away (leaked)

Chelsea FC leaked shirt 2017/18

Black with pale blue is a new combination for Chelsea, but this combo is certainly an upgrade on the flourescent yellow that's been used in recent seasons.

Crystal Palace

Home (confirmed)

Crystal Palace FC home shirt  2017/18

A clean, stripped design with yellow trim calls to mind Barcelona's 2010/11 kit. Maybe the Eagles will use their vacant sponsor area to promote a charity like Unicef, as Barca did that season?


Expect yellow, hope for a cool sash?


Home (confirmed)

Everton FC Home shirt 2017/18

Umbro have created a simple, slimline top with two-tone blues for Everton. An interesting touch is the silhouette of the club's all-time top scorer, Dixie Dean, which sits just under the collar on the back of the shirt.


Likely to be simple white design.

Huddersfield Town


The newcomers sport blue and white stripes so may want to differentiate themselves from Brighton's look but they are using Puma rather than Nike so that should not be a problem.


Borussia Dortmund-style yellow and black hoops are likely to return again this season - are they a tribute to their German coach's former club or a happy coincidence?

Leicester City

Home (confirmed)

Leicester City FC home shirt 2017/18

The sponsors have certainly got their money's worth on Leicester's new home strip. The supersized brand logo dominates the simple blue design with a neat button collar.


Simple white? Or could they go for gold?


Home (confirmed)

Liverpool FC home shirt 2017/18

New Balance have created a classic retro looking kit for Liverpool in their 125th year of existence. Calling back to the glory days of the 1970s and 80s with a V-neck collar, a retro club crest and simple white trim.

Away (confirmed)

Liverpool's away kit is a quartered affair that looks like a modern version of the 1995/96 away strip in which the Reds narrowly lost a tense FA Cup final to a late Eric Cantona strike.

Third kit (leaked)

Liverpool third kit 2017/18

This leaked image of Liverpool's potential third kit looks more like a goalkeeper's shirt than an outfielder's or like someone turned up the contrast on Wolves' old gold home shirt.

Manchester City

Home (confirmed)

Manchester City home shirt 2017/18

Simple, clean and tightly fitted, this season's Manchester City home kit is a triumph of modern minimalism, unless your a slightly overweight fan, in which case it may be time to get down the gym before getting one of these!

Away (leaked)

Leaked Manchester City 2017/18 shirt

Having gone back to black for a few seasons now - this leaked image indicates City could be yet another Premier League team sporting claret and blue in 2017/18.

Manchester United

Home (leaked)

Manchester United home shirt 2017/18

A leaked image of United 2017/18 home strip suggest the Adidas stripes have migrated from the sides on the kit up on to the shoulders giving it a slightly militaristic feel. Another simple buttoned collar here, a fairly unremarkable effort.

Away (confirmed)

Manchester United kit away 2017/18

The United stars certainly seem happy (or mildy confused?) with their patterned away kit for 2017/18, there have been numerous modelling shoots and publicity images doing the rounds over the summer. Is it a football kit or a fashion item? Well both, it seems! The shirt uses a similar template to last season's Adidas kit with the stripes nicely positioned down the sides, while the pattern harks back to the 1990s, which apparently now qualifies as long ago enough to be retro!

Third (leaked)

This leaked third kit features the famous statue outside of Old Trafford in silohuette - whether this will look cool when worn or like a weird sweat stain remains to be seen!

Newcastle United

Home (confirmed)

Puma have kept it simple for Newcastle's return to he Premier League - almost too simple with the garish sponsor's logo making the whole thing look a bit cheap.


If Newcastle decision-makers gluttons for punishment they could rework this pudding of a shirt from 2009/10!


Home (confirmed)

Southampton Home kit 2017/18

Southampton have reduced the number of stripes on their home strip in favour of a retro look calling back to the mid 1980s, a successful period for the Saints, who finished second in the top flight after the 1983/84 season.

Away (confirmed)

Southampton Away Kit 2017/18

This Under Armour kit represents a complete break with tradition with no precedent for a teal and black shirt, but at least the American manufacturer has kept the stripes.

Stoke City

Home (confirmed)

Stoke City FC home shirt 2017/18

A bit of royal blue trim has crept into Stoke home shirt this season, tying in nicely with the club crest. The sponsor's logo is nicely integrated and doesn't overwhelm the shirt either. Good work, Macron.

Away (confirmed)

Stoke City FC away shirt 2017/18

Wow - Stoke players will be forgiven for thinking they are off to the Floridian golf course when putting this retro jersey on. The big collar, the horizontally stripped chest block and asymmetric sleeve colours make this look like something Rickie Fowler might wear on the opening round of a PGA event!

Swansea City

Home and away (confirmed)

Swansea FC 2017/18 kits

Spanish brand Joma have created the shirts for the Swans again this season and the players looked chuffed! The home kit is once again a tasteful, understated design while the away shirt references the Welsh national kit. Traditionalists may be somewhat concerned by what appears to be a second sponosr's logo appearing on the sleeve of the shirt - could this be the first of many?

Tottenham Hotspur

Home (leaked)

Tottenham Hotspur home kit 2017/18 leaked

This leaked image indicates the home kit is a beautifully simple design following on from a series of great shirts over recent seasons. It is slight reminiscent of an England kit, which is rather appropriate seeing as they will be playing at Wembley this season.


Will there be a homage to Wembley featured on the away kit too?


Home (confirmed)

Watford FC kit 2017/18

Adidas have kept it simple, put the stripes down the sides and seem to have the Watford players suitably impressed if this press shot is anything to go by.


Probably black, but crossword fans can still hope for the return of this beaut'.

West Bromwich Albion

Home (confirmed)West Bromwich Albion FC home shirt 2017/18

Overcoming a complex sponsor logo by matching it to the colour scheme of the shirt has worked well, as has the simple collar and neatly spaced stripes.


Hopefully they will stick with a black and red design and succeed in blending the sponsor logo into the shirt.

West Ham United

Home (confirmed)

West Ham FC Home shirt 2017/18

A simple but stylish design, with nicely-shaped shoulder panels and a subtle pair of v's on the chest.

Away (confirmed)

West Ham United FC away shirt 2017/18

Simple but effective, Umbro have turned the simplified West Ham badge ice blue to match the trim and the overall effect is a winner.

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