Nothing 'set in stone' but Djokovic seeks long-term Agassi partnership


Novak Djokovic hopes to create something "long term" with Andre Agassi, but is also seeking to appoint a coach who can work with him on a full-time basis.

Agassi, who has linked up with the Serbian for part of the French Open, revealed in an interview with Eurosport that he is willing to extend their partnership to involve Wimbledon, which takes place next month.

Speaking after an inconsistent five-set victory over Diego Schwartzman in the third round at Roland Garros on Friday, reigning champion Djokovic indicated he hopes the American will become a regular member of his team, although the 12-time grand slam singles champion also needs to fill the vacancy left by the surprise dismissal of long-term mentor Marian Vajda and the other members of his travelling staff last month.

"You know, as far as I'm concerned... I hope that that's gonna stay for a long time, that we can create something that is going to go long term," Djokovic told a news conference when asked about his relationship with Agassi, who is filling the void left by Djokovic's previous 'supercoach' Boris Becker, the two men having parted company in November after a productive three-year spell together. 

"In terms of some plans for the future, we don't have anything set in stone. We don't say he's going to be here until this time or that time. 

"You know, he's going to try his best to be in the biggest tournaments with me, of course, and as much as his family time allows and all the commitments that he has. 

"Of course, we both agree that I'm going to need someone also [on a] day-to-day basis that can work with him, but he's the man."

Agassi has claimed he is not seeking a salary for his involvement with Djokovic and the Serbian confirmed his new mentor is motivated purely by his passion for tennis.

"Everything that he said is completely true, so it's completely his decision," he said.

"How much he wants to get involved, how often he wants to be in person there with me, these eight days that we spent together practicing... was phenomenal. I mean, I couldn't ask for more.

"Of course, I don't have any expectations. I'm just trying to enjoy every possible moment that I have next to him when he's here with me and when he's not of course we are in daily contact, you know, calling each other, texting and so forth. So even at times when he's not there, he's present in my life and in my career.

"We had a great chat after the match. We focused on positives and, you know, we analysed of course things that could have been better.

"In the conversation you get that sense from him that he knows exactly what he's talking about... he is very bright, and very genuine, very good soul, good heart, cares about the game, cares about others and always tries to be kind to others. 

"He possesses those values that I stand for, as well. That's where we relate to each other very much."

Next up for Djokovic is a fourth-round meeting with Albert Ramos.