Morse heads to concussion DL after colliding with Giants team-mate in brawl


San Francisco Giants outfielder Michael Morse is headed to the seven-day disabled list with a concussion suffered when he collided with team-mate Jeff Samardzija during their team's brawl with the Washington Nationals.

After Hunter Strickland plunked Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper on the hip with a fastball on Monday, Harper charged the mound.

Harper and Strickland exchanged punches and, as players from both teams ran onto the field, Morse and Samardzija ran into each other head-on while coming to Strickland's defence.

Harper joked before Tuesday's game, in which Samardzija was on the mound for the Giants, that the collision between Morse and the pitcher might have prevented him from getting injured.

It should be noted that Morse and Harper were Nationals team-mates in 2012.

"I'm kinda thankful that Mikey Mo and Samardzija collided because Samardzija saw blood a little bit, I thought," Harper told reporters. "I'm very thankful for Mikey Mo."

MLB suspended Harper four games and Strickland six games, fining each player, for their roles in igniting the brawl.

Each player appealed the discipline and was eligible to play Tuesday.