Wehrlein: Button made 'a silly move' in Monaco crash


Jenson Button's attempt to overtake Pascal Wehrlein in the Monaco Grand Prix has been labelled "a silly move" by the Sauber driver.

In a one-off return to Formula One in place of Fernando Alonso - taking part in the Indy500 on Sunday - Button collided with Wehrlein late on in the race.

Wehrlein's car flipped onto its side in the incident, resulting in the safety car being introduced while the track was cleared.

And though the 22-year-old escaped unharmed, he was not pleased with Button's attempt to get past.

"[It was] a silly move," Wehrlein told Sky Sports. "I hit my head on the wall, so I will have another scan for my back, let's see.

"I remember everything. It was just scary that the brakes started to smoke and I could not get out of the car. It seems to be OK but with the injury I had I'm not too sure."

Button, meanwhile, acknowledged his mistake, though countered that he had previously brought up the issue of the difficulty of seeing the current cars as they approach from behind to the FIA.

"I went up the inside. I thought it was on for a move but realised he hadn't seen me at all," he told Sky Sports.

"These cars are so difficult to see behind from which I've been telling the team and FIA. It was too late to back out. I've never seen a car go up on its side before."